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The best windshield chip and crack repair in Houston. It is always our goal to repair auto glass whenever possible to help our Houston customers keep their costs down. This is why we encourage you to turn to us at the smallest hint of damage to any of the windows in your vehicle, particularly your windshield. Our expert team will evaluate the problem and in most cases, will be able to fix it quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about sending your car in for much longer repairs. We can fix small chips and cracks, allowing you to spend less than you would on a full replacement.

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What We Do

We rare a  windshield chip and crack repair shop. We repair your chip and crack fast and efficiently so you are back on the road and on with your day. The glass in your car is often susceptible to damage due to weather, road conditions or vandalism. Regardless of the reason, you may find the need for chip and or crack repair  at some point in the future. At Spot On Windshield Repair, our technicians can help you with all your chip and crack auto glass problems at the most affordable prices in the Houston area.

Our windshield repair technician is fast, friendly, and phenomenal at what he does and our customer service is the best in Houston. We take pride in fixing your windshield chip and/or crack with the utmost care and respect. We care about your car just as much as you do and it shows in our reviews. If you are looking to fix a single rock chip or some cracks in your windshield, our expert glass mechanic can help you. 

Spot On Windshield has a one year guarantee on all repairs. We stand behind our work and are happy to fix anything we have fixed before. It is our goal to make sure we do it right the first time and so far, we have 100% met that goal. However, sometimes things happen and if for some reason what we fixed before breaks again within the first year, just bring it back to us and we’ll get you in fast and take care of the window chip again!

Rideshare Drivers

Calling all Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers. We know you are driving on the Houston roads and highways all day and those flying rocks are hard to miss. Spot On Windshield gives all rideshare drivers a 50% discount!! Get 50% off our regular price. 

Windshield Chips And Cracks

Windshield chips and cracks

It is not uncommon for Houston residents to encounter a chip or crack in their vehicle’s windshield. While this type of damage may seem benign, it can become a serious problem quickly. Our technicians can help you repair these problems before they require full windshield replacement and mobile windshield repair service. Whether you are looking to fix a single rock chip or a crack, our expert glass technician can repair your windshield before it's too late. Don't let that rock chip turn into a crack too big to where you will need a whole window replacement. Bring your car to Spot on Windshield and let us fix your window chip before it's too late. We promise to always give fast and friendly service!

Headlight Cleaning And Restoration

Headlight Cleaning and Restoration

You can trust Spot On Windshield Repair with your car's headlight restoration and cleaning as well. It is not safe to drive with hazy headlights and it will fail inspection. Let us restore your dim headlights so you can drive safely on the Houston highways and roads.



Mobile Glass Repair

Why Choose Us?

We provide fast, friendly, and affordable rates for drivers in Houston, Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, and surrounding areas. 

Expert Technicians

We have over 20 years experience fixing windshield cracks and chips.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee our work and our mission is to provide the utmost customer service and satisfaction in all of the Houston area.





Contact us and we’ll be happy to handle your insurance claim. 

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